Double Buns for Thin Hair: How to + Tips

Double buns for thin hair

I have super thin hair. Like not just thin where I could just throw in some extensions and there’s that, but thin to where I couldn’t hide the extension tracks very well if I ever did wear them. You can see my scalp through my hair and I can feel the sun hitting it. It may not seem so thin because I do have texture (I will say very unpredictable texture), but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment when I try to find cute hairstyles on Pinterest and Instagram. Bobby pins don’t stay in place and little braids just look like thick strands of hair (even when I pull them apart). I did however, figure out how to work with my thin hair and pull off the adorable double buns look!

Note: This is best for shoulder length hair or longer! I would do this all the time when I had straight shoulder length hair and it worked great, but the buns will be a lot smaller.

  1. Start out with clean hair! This is super important because you don’t want anything like oils or product holding your hair down. Like I mentioned before, I do have texture so that adds to volume. If you have straighter hair I def recommend putting your hair in french braids the night before or curling if you don’t mind heat  (keep in mind heat protectant can weight your hair down). If your hair is pin straight and you want to curl with heat, it might help to pin the curls up while they’re hot and spray with hairspray so they hold better. Since we’re trying to not weigh anything down, for more volume help I recommend volume powders like Big Sexy Hair’s Powder Play.
  2. Section your hair in half, then put the sections up in ponytails. I like to leave out strands for a messier look. I’ve generally found it better to use thicker metal-less elastic bands that are supposedly best for thick hair. So ironic lol. These scunci ones are a good example of what I’m talking about. When I use the thinner smaller elastic bands they end up sliding down and giving me a headache. If it works for you though go for it!
  3. With one side, hold it straight up and tease it a little bit. The more volume the better!
  4. This part may take some trial and error, but wrap it loosely around the base of your ponytail. Play with it a little and fluff it out. Once you’re happy pin it down! Ill pin down the ends so it stays and very carefully move parts around and pin as I go to make it look more like a messy bun.
  5. Spray it with some really strong hold hairspray and…
  6. You’re ready to go! Add some glitter or flowers or whatever you wish to cuten it up even more.

If you’re having trouble with step 4, here’s how I start the bun out. Once I do that, I move pieces around and pin until it looks good! The idea is to pretty much make them hollow so it seems like you have more hair.

Hopefully that helped! If not, feel free to ask questions. Also, if you really can’t get step 4 down you could alternatively use two mini hair donuts (you can find them on ebay too). It just wont be a super messy look.

Do you have some secrets for styling thin hair? Leave a comment! I’d love to know since I will forever be on this thin hair journey.

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