Watches Are Still Worth It + Jord Watch Review

jord watch outfit

Conventional watches seem to be a little pointless in our age of smart phones and smart watches. I remember going to Chautauqua in New York with my grandparents one year. My grandpa attended a lecture where they were talking about technology. The lecturer brought up how even while wearing a wristwatch people will still pull out their phones for the time. That extra work seems a little crazy, right?

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the fact that I can have my GPS running, make a phone call, and play Robot Unicorn Attack (don’t knock it until you try it and get addicted) all at the same time. The smart watch is super convenient for people like my husband who are nurses. He works in the ER so he can’t always pull out his phone. If there’s an emergency text, he can just glance at his watch and find out faster.

However, I believe conventional watches can still serve a purpose. I’ll admit I let myself get distracted easily. If I’m concentrating on a project and use my phone to check the time, I guarantee it’s going to go downhill if there’s a notification. It all starts with one notification on Instagram. Before I know it, it’s been an hour and I’ve ended up on the weird side of YouTube. If I’m wearing a watch, that distraction is gone for the most part (gotta keep that phone ringer on silent!).

Aside from preventing distractions, watches also add an artistic touch to an outfit. There are watches that are so beautiful they might as well be considered a piece of art. If you’ve been following my blog or even my Instagram, you can probably tell I love wearing unique pieces! Whether its a velvet blazer or a cute sweater, I love anything that you don’t see most people wear on a daily basis. So when JORD asked me to review their watches (It’s unbiased btw, I would never want to convince you guys something was amazing if it’s clearly not) I was super excited after I looked into their unique watches.

JORD Watch Review

jord watch review

The watch I’m reviewing is the Ebony and Gold watch from JORD’s Frankie series. The packaging you receive it in is beautiful. I actually keep it out on display. It’s a wooden box that is nice and sturdy enough to protect the watch. Also, on the bottom of the box there is a drawer that holds a packet to help protect your watch from humidity (A HUGE help since I live in like one of the most humid places ever). The watch itself is on a cute mini pillow that says JORD. They went above and beyond on the packaging. That’s def a plus.

jord watch review

jord watch review

“Frankie”, like JORD’s other watches, is made of 100% real wood. I love that there’s an option of black (I do wear mostly black lol) since most wooden accessories I’ve come across are brown. Even though it is black, you can still see the wooden texture. It’s such a nice, earthy touch. The watch is also great quality and comfortable to wear. What I looove most about it is the large face. Is it just me? I like that in a watch. The gold detail is also lovely. I would definitely get another or get one to give as a gift for someone (maybe my mom, she’s a watch hoarder :P) .

jord watch review

How Would I Style It?

jord watch outfit

Top: Pacsun (Similar) | Shorts: Thrifted | Boots: Similar

Wood is definitely a texture I don’t play with enough! Since it’s earthy, an outfit that has a boho or western kinda feel would look great. Think festival wear. I wore this black off shoulder top that has a cute witchy print (gotta keep it dark). I added a western touch with the booties and belt. Pacsun and Gypsy Warrior are my favorite places to find these kinds of pieces.

jord watch outfit

jord watch outfit


JORD was cool enough to help me hold a giveaway for $100 to use on their website! That’s pretty cool considering it would make your total as low as $39 (pre tax) for certain styles. All you have to do is follow the link and fill out your name, email and fave watch. You also get a $25 off code in the end just for entering! Keep in mind they ship free, even internationally 😉

Click Here to enter! The contest ends June 11 at 11:59pm! Good Luck!

Do you still wear conventional wristwatches? Or have you moved on? Let me know your opinion in the comments!

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