Ram Skull: Art Post + The Longest Art Block Ever

So here it is, my first art post! I started this blog with the intention of posting my art as well, but I’ve been slacking. It’s silly, I’m 5 months into this and the art category is still blank. I’m definitely going to push myself to start regularly posting art since it’s my ultimate goal to improve. Here’s #1, a Ram Skull.

If you follow me on Instagram (Which you should!!! 😉 ), you probably saw the line art for this piece. I made it on an IPad with the app Procreate (def recommend it, it’s like a mini Photoshop). Outlining and inking, got it! Coloring though, never turns out how I want so this was basically practice.

The Longest Art Block Ever

I started putting serious effort in my art waaay back in 2006 (or maybe even a smidge before idk), but I mostly worked with digital media. Ink was the only traditional media I appreciated back then. Oekaki Boards, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro and a Wacom tablet were my true and only loves. I was making new finished pieces every week and drawing daily. Once I hit high school I wanted to be a tattoo artist, so I changed up my style (That still sorta stuck with me to this day). I was drawing tattoos for friends, which at this point I hope they never went through and got LOL.

Years later in 2011 and my tablet became completely incompatible with the new computers and I couldn’t buy another. That’s pretty much where I hit this super long and sad art block. Of course I drew with traditional media all along, but I became totally uninspired. Digital was my thing and what I had the most experience with. Eventually it was so bad I probably went 3 years without actually drawing anything other than little doodles of Sonic the Hedgehog on my homework. I had to draw in art class too, but those pictures clearly looked forced. Whenever I drew I would get so frustrated I didn’t even care to try and finish the piece. I have a sketchbook of just scribbled out drawings that were barely started. There goes the dreams of being a tattoo artist (or even a graphic designer if that didn’t work out). I didn’t think drawing was even my thing, so I basically gave up…

Of the few things I can’t help but regret in life that was def one of the biggest ones.  I didn’t feel the best about myself. Art was the one thing I had that would make me happy. At the end of the day, it was something I could do and I felt I could do pretty darn well. During that major art block I bought some art supplies here and there to try and bring back my passion, but it was pointless.

It Finally Made Sense

It wasn’t until recently that I thought long and hard about it. I’m such a perfectionist with my art. That can be good, but in my case it was detrimental. When I had no choice but to only do traditional art I wasn’t happy because it would not look as good as if I did it digitally. Art really made me happy though. This problem needed to be fixed, so I started small by looking up videos on how to draw and drew simple things. I stayed away from drawing people because that was the most frustrating.  I did more tattoo styled drawings since it was something I really loved. 6 years later (like half a decade omg) I’m drawing regularly with traditional media and super inspired. I’ve been feeling a lot better about it, even if it doesn’t look how I want.

If you’re super passionate and dedicated towards a hobby, stick with it! Sometimes having a job or school can get in the way so it doesn’t feel worth it. You might just feel like you’re not good enough. Don’t let anything stop you. The more you keep at it the more you’ll progress. If you stop, you can’t improve and may even go backwards (like I did). Hobbies can be so rewarding whether it leads to a great career, helps you meet new amazing people or just an outlet in this crazy world.

OK, you’re pretty cool if you made it through the whole thing. This was supposed to be a simple art post lol. So what’re your hobbies? Or do you have a hobby you want to get back into or just recently started? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about it!

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