Sunset Stroll

Since the weather was really nice this weekend, I spent the afternoon at the beach. It’s been a while since I’ve gone so I forgot just how windy it was going to be. I thought wearing a ponytail would help, but it didn’t do much.  

Pinafore Dress: Similar | Top: Similar | Bag: Similar

Is it weird I go to the beach just walk around? That’s why I wasn’t wearing swimwear. There’s a bunch of cute little places like ice cream shops, seashell stores, and even a little amusement park over the water that doesn’t require getting wet. Honestly, the water there isn’t really the prettiest anyways, but there’s just something soooo relaxing about sitting on the seawall and feeling the sea breeze while listening to the ocean. Definitely a nice change from the busy city.

As for my outfit I wore this pinafore dress I found at Topshop. It is on sale so if you happen to have the physical store near you definitely check it out since the dress is no longer available online. I linked to another one that would look just as cute. It’s one of those pieces I’ll be keeping around for a long time since you can wear it in so many ways. You could try layering a hoodie for a casual look or or even a bell sleeved top underneath to dress it up. I paired it with an old black crop top and black booties which unintentionally makes this outfit blue and black. I’m trying hard to stop buying blue clothes since that’s all I ever wear anymore. It may not seem like it, but deep down I really want more color variety in my life haha.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I hope you have a relaxing Sunday!

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